Cacao Producing Countries

Cacao (cocoa) is produced in countries within 10° south and 10° north of the equator. The largest cacao producing countries are listed in the table below; in addition a large number of countries have small productions of cacao. See also information at the International Cocoa Organization website.

Large Cacao Producing Countries 2001/02

Ivory Coast1,265,000 tonnes
Indonesia455,000 tonnes
Ghana341,000 tonnes
Nigeria180,000 tonnes
Brazil124,000 tonnes
Cameroon126,000 tonnes
Ecuador81,000 tonnes
Dominican Republic45,000 tonnes
Papua New Guinea41,000 tonnes
Malaysia25,000 tonnes
Colombia38,000 tonnes
Mexico35,000 tonnes
World (estimate)2,855,000 tonnes
Source: International Cocoa Organization

The processing of cacao beans is predominantly undertaken in Europe and North America with the Netherlands and the USA as the leading countries. However, there has been a steady increase in cacao processing in other countries, and in 2003/04 the Ivory Coast was the world's third largest cacao processing country.

Cacao holiday destinations

Cacao is also produced in a large number of other countries, see e.g, the list published by theUS Foreign Agricultural Service or the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. So finding a holiday destination where you can visit cacao plantations is not at all difficult!

The beautiful island of Grenada has a very small production of approximately 800 metric tonnes a year, Cuba has a production of approximately 2,200 tonnes. Samoa produces only 500 tonnes. All these countries are well worth a visit, not only because of their cacao plantations, but also because of their picturesque cities, beautiful landscapes, nice beaches and interesting culture.

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