Chocolate Cake Recipes (Recipe Collection)

Chocolate Citrus Tart 
A delicious combination of orange and chocolate! Made with chocolate-flavored tart dough, a rich orange-flavored filling, and a soft chocolate ganache frosting.
Black Forest Cake  Dark 
A moist, dark chocolate cake filled with cherries and whipped cream, and garnished with chocolate curls. This very popular and well-known cake originates from Germany.
Brownies (Scandinavian)  Dark 
Delicious Scandinavian brownies made with cocoa, chocolate chips and walnuts or pecan nuts. With chocolate-mocha frosting. We have also a version with cocoa only and no chocolate.
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Easy and delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe; a white cookie with added chocolate chips. If you prefer a dark cookie see the recipe below.
Chocolate Lava Cakes  Medium dark 
Medium dark, rich chocolate cup-cakes with fluid core. This dessert is often served in fine restaurants but it is also easy to make at home.
Chocolate Mousse Cake  Dark 
A moist hazelnut and chocolate cake with dark chocolate mousse.
Chocolate Torte (Sachertorte)  Light brown  dark frosting 
Our version of the famous Austrian Sachertorte, one of the best chocolate cakes in the world! A light brown layer cake with apricot filling and dark chocolate icing.
Classic Chocolate Souffle  Dark 
Easy recipe for a classical chocolate souffle. For this recipe you can either use plain bittersweet chocolate, or bittersweet chocolate flavored with orange or raspberries.
Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie  Dark 
Dark chocolate chip cookie recipe; the cookies are made with cocoa powder and chocolate chips.
Death By Chocolate  Dark 
A dark, extremely rich chocolate layer cake with dark chocolate icing. The strong chocolate flavor of this cake is amazing! This is one of our best chocolate cake recipes!
Devil's Food Cake  Dark 
A dark chocolate layer cake made with cocoa with white mountain frosting.
Easy Brownies (with cocoa)  Dark 
Traditional brownies made with cocoa and walnuts or pecan nuts. Dust the brownies with powdered sugar or glace with your favorite chocolate frosting.
Easy Chocolate Cake  Medium dark
An easy recipe for a delicious two-layer chocolate cake.
Flourless Chocolate Cake (French)  Dark 
Recipe for a traditional rich and moist French cake without flour. An easy and delicious cake!
Flourless Chocolate Cake (Scandinavian)  Dark 
A rich flourless chocolate cake with less fat and more chocolate flavor!
Flourless Chocolate Muffins  Medium dark 
Flourless, moist chocolate muffins with almond flour (finely ground almonds), cocoa and chocolate chips.
Chocolate Layer Cake  Medium dark   dark frosting 
A rich, medium dark chocolate layer cake. See also our chocolate layer cake recipe with only cocoa and no chocolate.
Chocolate Muffins  Medium dark 
Delicious, rich, moist, medium dark chocolate muffins.
Semi-liquid Chocolate Cake  Dark 
A rich, flourless chocolate cake with liquid center. Serve warm with icecream!
The best cakes with cocoa
A selection of delicious chocolate cake recipes with unsweetened cocoa powder.
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